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Complete furnishing

Stylish with audacity

Project in pleasant collaboration with Magali Van den Weghe.



An oasis of peace

With a very limited use of materials, namely lacquered oak and Carrara marble, this bathroom exudes a very tranquil atmosphere.
The sloping line of the roof is reflected in both the bathtub and the washbasin.

Stylish washing

This sleek country bathroom exudes tranquility through its alignment and soft color combinations.


Project in pleasant collaboration with Josfien Maes.

This is how beautiful a laundry room can become

Every inch is utilized in this compact space. In a handy high column wall, the washing machine and dryer stand side by side at perfect working height. With one move, the entire cabinet wall closes back up and the appliances are neatly hidden.

Nice details: the practical folding door cabinet on the worktop and the custom-made wall rack above the double ceramic sink.

Bathe in luxury

A spacious bathroom that invites you to relax.

The bathtub is covered with solid oak panels, finished with authentic surface-mounted plinths.

The striking marble in warm colors and the solid oak plank floor immerse the bathroom in a luxurious, cosy atmosphere.

Nice detail: the custom-made bench in the window cavity provides the necessary storage space for voluminous bathrobes and ditto towels.