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Country kitchens

Luxurious Light

This classic villa has been adorned with a bright and fresh kitchen, featuring a sleek, rustic style with a marble countertop and open shelving in 'natural' oak. Rustic accessories and natural materials accentuate the white rustic theme.

The former garage was demolished, with one half integrated into the new kitchen, while the other half was transformed into a convenient laundry area and storage space, all in the same style. Explore more about contemporary rustic living on our blogs.

(Photography: Jonah Samyn - 'Living in Rustic Style' - © Sanoma Regional Belgium N.V.)

Cozy Charm

Cozy charm reigns supreme in our rustic kitchens! Warm colors, rugged elements, and authentic materials establish a direct connection with the past, bringing a homely atmosphere.

This eclectic kitchen style is woven into a compelling narrative where residents can find themselves in daily comfort. Various style elements are thoughtfully intertwined to achieve a serene and beautiful result where everything seems to have found its place.

(Photography: Manon Stevenaar - 'Living in Rustic Style' - © Sanoma Regional Belgium N.V.)


Timeless and contemporary seamlessly blend together in this rustic-classic kitchen. The designer faced the challenge of creating a kitchen that doesn't appear overly rustic and succeeded in harmonizing various elements. The layout is cleverly structured with consideration for the surroundings: the dining table is placed by the window overlooking the surrounding meadows, while the preparation area overlooks the courtyard. The focal point of the kitchen is the oak sink island with a top surface and sink in solid bluestone. The natural stone countertop and solid wood profile under the countertop are finished with a bird's beak, adding a graceful touch to the island.

The furniture visible from the living room is painted in a cream-colored paint, which complements the natural brown of the wood and the brown-gray of the lampshades and chair upholstery. In the evening, the indirect lighting in the display cabinet adds extra ambiance. Thanks to the pale color and proper symmetry, the overall look is calm. The designer also pays attention to detail and stylishly conceals certain less attractive elements, such as the door to the pantry seamlessly blending into a beautiful oak wall.

At Dekeyzer, you can always admire beautiful creations where various natural materials are brought together to create a successful rustic kitchen. Our showrooms scattered throughout the country showcase our craftsmanship and passion for creating timeless, natural kitchens.


Look and feel

The appearance of a kitchen is largely determined by the finishing of the materials used. With this kitchen, great attention is therefore paid to the look and feel. For instance, the oak wood of the doors is meticulously lacquered multiple times to ensure a deep color and durable protection.

Before the lacquer is applied, the wood grain is vigorously sanded with copper brushes, allowing the lacquer to penetrate deeper into the wood. Subsequently, the lacquer is applied in five stages, with each layer being rubbed even deeper into the wood. Finally, the colored door receives a final layer of transparent protective lacquer.

This process ensures the longevity of the colored door while preserving the appearance of the kitchen. Every aspect of the interior is crafted with the same care and attention to detail, ensuring that the kitchen becomes a stylish and sustainable addition to the home decor.

Landelijke keuken buckhingham herenwoning


This imposing townhouse with its high ceilings was bestowed with the kitchen it deserves by Dekeyzer. To respect the authenticity of the residence, tall custom cabinets were installed, not only accentuating the impressive proportions of the space but also providing additional storage to the residents. Behind the solid oak doors, numerous state-of-the-art appliances are concealed.

The kitchen was finished with luxurious materials, including solid oak fronts, a natural stone countertop, warm parquet flooring, wallpaper with a high tactile appeal, and stunning window treatments. The use of these high-quality materials imbues the kitchen with a majestic allure that perfectly complements the stylish townhouse.

The tall cabinets are not only functional but also contribute to the kitchen's ambiance. They create a sense of space and grandeur while simultaneously concealing all the necessary equipment and supplies. The luxurious finishing and attention to detail make this kitchen a beautiful addition to the stately townhouse.