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Country kitchens

Family Room

The soft combination of colors and materials has transformed this kitchen into a very pleasant and cozy space. 
There is room for dining and cooking. Children can also do their homework at the desk. In short, the kitchen has become a central place for family life. 


Project in pleasant collaboration with Josfien Maes.

Luxurious light

The young family of this classic villa chose a light and fresh kitchen in sleek country style. The marble worktop and the open shelves in natural oak give the white kitchen a warm look.

The garage of the house that was in line kitchen was deleted. One half was integrated into the new, more spacious kitchen. The other half of this former garage was converted into a laundry and storage room, where the same style as the kitchen was continued.  


(Photography : Jonah Samyn - 'Wonen in Landelijke Stijl" -  © Sanoma Regional Belgium N.V.)

Conviviality first

Warm colors, bold elements and a fireplace as a focal point. The homely atmosphere plays an important role in this kitchen.


(Photography : Manon Stevenaar - 'Wonen in Landelijke Stijl" -  © Sanoma Regional Belgium N.V.)


Classic country furnishings retain their charisma and soul after years.
They are and will remain as unique as the space they are in.


The challenge was to achieve a country-classic kitchen that would not look too rustic. Therefore, contemporary elements were added, without disturbing the harmony." The layout took into account the surroundings. "At the window overlooking the meadows we placed the dining table and the preparation area we had overlooked the courtyard garden." At the center is an oak sink island with a top and sink above it in solid blue stone. Both the natural stone countertop and the solid wood profile under the countertop were finished with a parrot's beak, giving the island a graceful touch.


The furniture visible from the living room was painted in a cream color. "The hue nicely complements the natural brown of the wood and the brownish gray of the lampshades and upholstery of the chairs. This creates a warm color mix that makes the space cozy."
At night, it looks even more atmospheric because of the indirect lighting in the display case. The pale color and also the right symmetry make the whole look calm. Another of Dekeyzer's strengths that comes to the fore is the talent to stylishly conceal certain things that sometimes look less than appealing. For example, the door to the utility room blends into a beautiful oak wall.

Look and feel

Each fixture is crafted with the same care and attention to detail. An example of the quality is the way the oak is lacquered.

The grain of the wood is first sanded through firmly with copper brushes before being varnished in the chosen color. Because of the deep veins the lacquer already fixes itself more deeply.
The application of the lacquer is done in five stages, with each layer being rubbed extra deep into the wood.
Finally, the colored door is given a final coat in transparent protective lacquer.
Thanks to this intensive phasing of the colors, the durability of the colored door is ensured.

Landelijke keuken buckhingham herenwoning



This stately mansion with majestically high ceilings received the kitchen it deserves.

De Keyzer decorated the kitchen space with high custom cabinets.  Respect for the authenticity of the house was the code word here. 


The tall cabinets not only accentuate the impressive proportions of the room; they also create extra cupboard space for the residents.  They also hide many state-of-the-art appliances behind the solid oak doors.


The kitchen was finished with luxurious materials: solid oak fronts, a natural stone worktop, a warm parquet floor, wallpaper with a high stroke factor and beautiful window coverings.

Warme kleurenmix

For those who like to enjoy the finer things in life, a stylish kitchen is an important part of that life. It's all the better when that kitchen matches the rest of the home down to the smallest detail.
In this example, that is already the case. The kitchen and the pantry were created for the rural townhouse they are in.


Two colors dominate the kitchen. White-washed oak alternates with mastic, a gray-beige color that can be found, for example, on the custom paneling-which is provided all around the kitchen-and some of the cabinets.
The natural tones fit right in with the natural materials used in this space. Examples include the solid natural wood, hand-painted wood and Belgian blue stone. All these materials and their specific finishes together create a rural, timeless atmosphere.

Tea-time, Dekeyzer-style ...

This long island-style country home received a solid oak Dekeyzer kitchen. The showpiece of the kitchen is the wide AGA stove. Next to the stove, the flat-screen TV is discreetly hidden behind folding door cabinets. 


The three tall column cabinets conceal an access door to the utility room, an integrated American fridge and a coffee cupboard, respectively. No less than two dining tables adorn the kitchen: a cosy sitting area in solid oak (with storage space in the seat!) for a pleasant breakfast.  In the evening, the spacious cloister table invites you to dine in style.